Conquer  agoraphobia, anxiety and panic TODAY!

This 13 week program is designed specifically to help you understand anxiety and panic , and also help you reinforce your self confidence, reprogram your mindset, correct your thinking pattern, remove old negative thoughts, change the habits that keep on contributing to your anxiety into healthy habits for both mind, body and soul.

Agoraphobia , Anxiety and Panic

Are you lacking self-confidence?

Are you tired of living in fear?

Do you feel anxious all the time?

Do you have clammy hands?

Do you fear dying or losing control?

Do you have difficulty swallowing?

Do you feel dizzy or unsteady?

This program might just be perfect for you. It is the perfect tool to help you understand your sensations, why you are having them and how to conquer it. The program helps you experience looking at life in a very different way. An experience that will positively transform you into a stronger, more assertive new you, so that you may never again struggle with anxiety.


Elizabeth Prata

I was born in May 1968 in Quebec, Canada. At the age of 16, I began to experience anxiety and panic attacks in my classrooms. Years later, I was prescribed medication, and that went on for 11 years. Eventually, I was weaned off and taught similar tools to those I coach in my program.
I am agoraphobic free since 2003.
I hold only the desire to keep on reaching out to people around the world. Simply coaching everyone a better understanding of agoraphobia, anxiety and panic brings me the greatest pleasure, to shine that light of truth. Knowledge is everything!
I'm very passionate about my work, it brings me great pleasure to educate the function of agoraphobia.
Beating agoraphobia, anxiety and panic is only one decision away!

The 13 week Program

This 3 months program is meant to create the best version of yourself, coaching how to eliminate anxiety by better coping with stress. 

The program is offered worldwide and it consists of 13 one hour sessions of coaching through video conferencing and homework. 

Each week covers a different topic, all of which improves your self confidence, self love and so much more.

When you feel ready to take on this amazing adventure, contact me to schedule the beginning of this life changing journey.

Remember to ask about the absolutely FREE introduction session that is offered worldwide. 

The Book


Starving the Anxiety Dragon

The "Starving the Anxiety Dragon workbook" is now available in a PDF format for only 65.00$ CAD .
The workbook covers the entire first program with all its homework.
Workbook also available with 2 one hour sessions follow up for 95.00$ CAD, including the book .


A special thanks to all my clients (graduates  ).
So many wonderful people I have met throughout the years as a Life Coach. I wish to thank all of you wonderful souls. It's been my privilege and blessing to have coached every single one of you. Your successes, each time, has given me more motivation, strength and courage to continue to help others each day. 
There is no doubt in my mind that agoraphobia, anxiety and panic can be conquered. I see the miracles each time. 
Just got to remember ... stop feeding the dragon
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Elizabeth Prata



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The programs' most frequently asked questions


How long does it last?

The program lasts 13 weeks .

Do you coach outside of Canada?

My clients are worldwide  

What does it involve?

One hour a week session with me, every week throughout the program and some homework.

How much does it cost?

Introduction session
1 hour
65$ CAD
Workbook + 2 one hour life coaching sessions

95$ CAD
13 week program one hour life coaching sessions 380$ CAD
13 week program + workbook ( 45$ CAD discount )
400$ CAD

How do we connect for sessions?

Via Messenger 's phone.

How can I pay?

Contact me through email and I will send you the Paypal link.

What will it teach me?

The program is set up to reinforce your self confidence, reprogram your mindset, correct your thinking pattern, remove all negative existing thoughts, change your habits that keep on contributing to your anxiety into healthy habits for both mind and body .